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The Zimbabwe National Army, Beyond the War Zone

Staff Reporter

Josphat Yorodani

Some among the generality of the population may have often wondered why Zimbabwe always has a standing Army even when the country is not at war. The role of this arm of the Security Services Sector is one which has always been misunderstood, giving rise for the need for clarification. 


ZNA Oiling Zimbabwe’s Health System

Hardlife Mwatutsa

The Zimbabwe National Army continues to play a key role in complementing the country’s health delivery system through training thousands of nurse aides at its health centres who are then later released to serve the people at various hospitals throughout the country.


Four Decades of Dedicated Service to Chauya Chipembere

Simbarashe Rusere                   

Black Rhinos Football Club has a rich history that stretches from the early 1980s. Over the years, Chauya Chipembere as the club is affectionately known, has proven to be one of the giants of Zimbabwean football. The history of Black Rhinos Football Club cannot be complete without mentioning the contributions of some individuals who have and continue to make a significant contribution to the club. 


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