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1 Infantry Brigade On Bi-National Anti-Livestock Rustling Operation

Moreblessings Mugumbate

Cattle rustling remains one of the major criminal activities that continues to cause a lot of headaches for security forces in most parts of Zimbabwe. Of late, theft of other livestock such as goats, donkeys and sheep has also been on the increase with farmers living along the country’s border with Botswana bearing the most brunt.


Training in the Combat Group Concept Continues

By Judge Jarachara

The modern day battlefield has mutated over the years taking different dimensions and dynamics, in response to changing battlefield environments. Indicatively, the operational and tactical factors that were applied during the Second World War may not be relevant in today’s wars.


Soldier Thanks Army After Medical Support

Nelias Shiri

What started as a promising day with routine duties in the minefield suddenly turned into his worst nightmare for Corporal Takawira Collen of Parachute Regiment Combat Engineers on 27 April 2022.  At about 0645 hours Corporal Takawira was hit while carrying out missing mine drills.


When a Baobab Tree Becomes a Source of Motivation


Innocent Mudyavanhu 

The baobab tree is a unique specie which is commonly used as a source of water and food. It is sometimes also used as medicine. Known as the “Tree of Life”, the baobab is native to the African Savannah where the climate is extremely dry and arid. It is a symbol of life and positivity in a landscape where little else can thrive.


Female Boxer Taking no Chances in Pursuit of Olympic Dream


Tarirai Madhuyu                           

Lance Corporal Kwashi Agnes, is currently the only female boxer in the Zimbabwe National Army. The young energetic boxer has defied all odds to become one of the success stories at Black Rhinos Boxing Club in recent years. She has won several medals, the most recent of which was her triumph at the National Tournament to select a team to represent the country in the Zone Six Youth Games to be held in Malawi later this year.


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